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We offer high quality EE mobile phone signal boosters, with experienced customer support staff on hand to assist you. Our products are ideal for areas that suffer from poor reception and we offer various strength boosters.

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EE Signal Boosters 4G

How many times have you been looking for a team member that you can not locate in the office only to find that they are standing outside to make or take a call? Spotty 3G service is the culprit behind more missing team members and employees than any other issue.

Team members searching for a signal are team members that are not at their desk. It may be time for a change. The EE signal booster is a simple step to take in reducing the hunt for missing employees. In today's global economy being able to connect at all times is imperative.

Missed calls, dropped calls or hard to make calls impedes every aspect of your business. Spotty or non existent 3G indoor service can mean that your employees are spending more time running in and out of the office to keep in touch with clients/customers than they are focusing on work.

Cost Effective Options
When you consider the options for keeping employees and team mates in the office you are not really given a slew of options. You can ban all cell phone usage, but that is not going to make any happy employees and of course it can impede the business of doing business.

Many clients/customers will call a cell number before they ever think about calling into the office. Being able to use a cell for customer/client contact just feels more personal to the client/customers so banning cell usage is not really practical.

You can continue to let your employees run around trying to find a signal which of course is not the best choice either because you do not want employees that have to go in and out all day which takes them away from their desk and ultimately interrupts the work flow.

You can get an EE signal booster! It is the most realistic choice and it is a cost effective option. The EE signal booster is easy to install. The transition between outdoor and indoor 3G is not even noticeable so it does not disrupt anyone from their regular course of business. It can be placed where it is needed most.

It is a quick easy solution. It is time for a change. It is time to ensure that your employees have 3G access indoors with the easy to install EE signal booster. Save frustration and lost time from work with the EE signal booster.

Checklist to Pick the Best Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

There are many brands and models of mobile phone signal boosters. Do not consider all of them because a majority will be irrelevant. You don’t need to pick the most state of the art mobile phone signal boosters. You need one that will cater to your needs. Your needs will depend on many factors. They will not be the same as someone else in a different scenario. Here is a checklist that will help you to pick the best mobile phone signal boosters based on your needs.

• Check the network coverage at the place where you intend to use the ee signal booster. It is difficult for an average mobile user to quantify the ee network coverage. You may not be able to decipher the exact decibel of coverage you get right now, without the booster. But you would be able to classify the network reception as strong, average, weak, inconsistent or sporadic, good at night, bad during the day or completely unpredictable. Your choice of mobile phone signal boosters will depend on the coverage and signal strength you have now. For weak signal strength or extremely unpredictable network reception with frequent blackouts, you must opt for the strongest boosters. Aim for around 50 dB (decibel) of gains in signal strength or more. Do not opt for mobile phone signal boosters offering 10 dB or 20 dB gains. These would be enough for those who have reasonably good and assuring signal strength.

• The second factor is where you are or where you would be using the booster and what kind of coverage you want the booster to have. You may live in a condo or house, you may want to use a booster in your office or building, you may need a boost in one room or several, across floors or in your car. It is also possible you need a booster for a large industrial complex or commercial centre that spans several thousand square feet. Depending on your requirement, check small area, medium area, large area and very large area mobile phone signal boosters. Don’t go for expensive boosters for wider coverage when you don’t need it. Likewise, don’t compromise on coverage area or signal strength to save some money. Both will be futile.

• Finally, check the cost of the booster and read reviews of actual users. The technicalities are important but you need to know the exact experience real people have had with the same mobile phone signal boosters you are considering buying.