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Improve Call Quality

 There is nothing worse than dropping a call when you are in the middle of an important conversation. It can be utterly embarrassing when you are on a business call and all of sudden just as you are making a valid point you realize that you are listening for a response from dead air.

EE signal booster can help to avoid those embarrassing moments and help you to avoid having to chase a signal outdoors because you can not get one in the office. EE has a full range of signal box enhancements that can help everyone to get a strong 3G signal in the office no matter where their office is.

In today's competitive markets it is an absolute necessity that you and your team members stay connected. Dropping calls is simply not acceptable. Staying ahead of the competition can really come down to accessibility. If clients/customers can not reach you, you can easily lose business to your competition. You should not risk the lose. EE signal boost can make a world of difference.

Enhanced Productivity

Lets be honest frustrated team members are not very productive team members. If members of your team have to stand by the window to grab a signal than that is time that they are not at their desk working.

EE signal boost can help to enhance productivity. Why hang out the window when you do not have to? Why have to go outside to get a signal when you can get it right at your desk.

Seem Less Integration

With EE signal boost the transition from 3G outdoors to 3G indoors is not even noticeable. The only thing you notice is that there is not a disruption in service. Set up is easy! You do not have to deal with bulky cables and connections. Set up takes minutes.

Other Benefits

The EE signal boost covers a 20m radius which is ideal for providing service where you need it the most.

This very well could be the easiest business decision you make all year long! Its easy to use, it enhances office life, improves communication abilities and it is affordable. It is a win win situation for any business setting small and large.

Don't miss or lose another call. Don't have team members scrambling around to get a signal. You do not have to with EE signal boost. Stay connected both indoors and outdoors the fast easy way with EE signal boost.