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EE Signal Boosters

If your mobile is in EE network and you are tired of weak mobile signals, then it is about time to purchase and use EE signal boosters. These signal boosters are ideal to subscribers living in rural areas or basement flats where it is very difficult to get mobile reception, suitable for home or small office that wants to experience better phone signal and even in large businesses that wants improved 3G connection.


EE signal boosters come in various products, and it is guaranteed to increase the signal by five bars. It is available for both 2G and 3G mobile phones and greatly improves GPRS/3G coverage by extending and enhancing the available macro-network. It encourages faster transfer speed and data rates for both weak and good signal areas.




This EE signal booster improves indoor coverage and does not take up much space. It is usually approximately the size of a broadband router and is installed by simply plugging it into your home internet and to the computer for setup. Some EE signal boosters, however, might require a minimum upload and download speed for the broadband connection that your booster is connected to. There are also products where an external antenna is placed outside to capture the GSM signal and will then be re-broadcasted by an amplifier to send a powerful signal inside. This will put an end to EE customers that experiences call drop outs, excessively slow data, and poor voice call quality. EE signal boosters can accommodate up to 32 EE numbers, wherein 4-8 people can make calls at the same time. To change or register the EE numbers that are allowed to access the signal booster, you can make a quick call to the support line or you can manually change it yourself so as to prevent casual stranger from using it.




EE signal boosters’ prices vary depending on the extent or range of the signal area amplified by the product. For larger homes or businesses that want to cater all the mobile networks as well as increase the 3G connection, there are boosters with signal areas of 5000 square meters that cost up to 5250 USD. For indoor coverage for small offices and homes, on the other hand, there are alternatives at lower costs that ranges from 80 USD to 300 USD. Second-hand EE signal boosters are also available at sites like eBay wherein deregistering of previous owner must first be done.


EE signal boosters are primarily designed to solve the problems of customers with poor coverage by enhancing text and call quality, improve transfer speeds, and create a 3G signal for areas with no reception. It is operator specific, amplifying only EE network signal helping the customers that want improved mobile signal without changing network provider.